The hotel has a total of 6 rooms:
1 semi-luxury
4 Standard rooms for 2-3 persons
It also has a number of 2-4 persons
And a new number – Suites, located in another building

Room equipment:
Continuous hot and cold water,
Individual bath,
Cable programs.
Luxury – a hot tub.

Service order:

Arrival – departure, breakfast.

The hotel is situated 15 minutes’ jurney from the airport and the rail-way station and 10 minutes’ jurney from the marine terminal and the town beach.

Common space of the building – 5000 sq.m, inner courtyard and plot of 2200 sq.m are situated between two – Vakhtang Gorgasali and King Parnavaz streets. The courtyard adjoins with and has own exist to town square “Piazza”. The magnificent views of the Batumi Bay and the ambient mounteens open from the hotel’s terraces. Presently 18 rooms are functioning at the hotel (9 standard and 9 suite).

The Efendi Hotel, which opened officially earlier this month, is hopefully the harbinger of other high-quality establishments that should sprout up in the old city of Acre. The boutique hotel, which was established by Uri Jeremias, a chef who is famous for presiding over a culinary kingdom − Acre port’s Uri Buri fish restaurant‏) − that attracts diners from around the country, is located in two Ottoman-style, 19th-century buildings erected on foundations dating back to the Crusader period.

Each room of the 12-room boutique hotel is a unique one. The premises include a lobby with domed ceilings, a splendid dining room, wine bar, spa, an original ‏(400-year-old‏) Turkish bath, and a roof terrace.

“Sakura Tunnel”, which closed due to last year’s natural disaster, has been re-opened in Japan.

Hanami, or flower viewing, is the annual Japanese custom of enjoying the blooming foliage after the winter weather subsides. While hanami specifically refers to the blooming of cherry blossoms, many plan events around the one to two week period where nature flourishes with color and fragrances.

Said to have begun in the late 8th century, the flower viewing tradition is widely believed to have started in the Nara Period. The seasonal event was used to welcome in the new year’s harvest while marking the beginning of the rice planting season. In the Heian Period, Emperor Saga would welcome this time with celebratory feasts and parties under the sakura trees in Kyoto’s Imperial Court. While originally limited to Japanese royalty and the elite upper class, hanami spread to all citizens by the Edo Period in the early 1600′s.


The Gran Museo del Mundo Maya de Mérida (Great Museum of the Maya) has been opened in Mexico.

The museum has 1,600 square meters of permanent exhibits, and another 600 with four temporary halls, where visitors can interact with the legacy of that ancient civilization.

Nearly 800 archaeological pieces will be on display. They were in the Canton Palace Museum of Anthropology, which will be transformed into a regional history museum.

Officials from the federal and state governments, scientists, architects, builders, business people, special guests, and in people in general attended the opening ceremony.

The hotel “Bonn” – located in the comfortable four-storeyed building, the rooms are equipped with satellite antenna TV, telephone, which can connect to any country in the world.

On the first floor of the hotel you can enjoy European-style restaurant and cafe – bar, drinks and cocktails are offered a variety serves European and Georgian cuisine.

The hotel has a conference room for 60 people.

The hotel has a billiard table, sauna, swimming pool and massage cabinet.

A many-coloured tower from Lego bricks, with its 32 metres the tallest in the world, was built in the Prague Pankrac neighbourhood Saturday.

The constructions was started on Thursday by Lego fans who thus paid respect to the 80th anniversary of the manufacturer of the toy.

Meskheti dramatical state theater introduced the fourth seasons premier to the spectator
Producer George Shalutashvili staged american dramatist Nil Siamon’s play “my women and daughter” on meskheti scene . the main role in one-act play performance is acting meskheti theaters actor lasha butulashvili.
The next premier will be on september 11. It will be one-act play performance comedy about peoples interrelation.