Art forum

Today, at 20:00, on Meidan, open air concert of the famous Balkan composer Goran Bregovic will be held. Attanding the concert is free.

The musician arrived in Tbilisi together with his bend “Wedding and funeral bend” members.

As the concert organizer, “Art forum” producer Kakha Tsiskridze said to “”, Georgian audience love Goran Bregovic, that is why he was offered to come to Georgia again.

“The concert will be held on Rikhe, at Meidan – open air. We have Bregovic visiting Georgia a few years ago. That time, it was only possible to attend the performance with invitations. The whole Philarmony was full. As the audiance was a bit sad that time, we decided to invite him again”, – the producer said.

During the ninety-minute concert, the audience will listen as to the old hits of Goran Bregovic as well as to the new compositions included in the new album “Champagne to gypsies”.